Marine Science Institute Wins: It only took 6 years.

The SF Bay Stewardship Alliance is happy to report that the Marine Science Institute (MSI) has finally received its permit for a beach restoration project after almost six years of dispute with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)! We worked closely with MSI beginning in November to help them reach this positive outcome.

How the beach looks today

As we’ve reported in the last few months, MSI’s attempts to restore its beach hit repeated roadblocks when the BCDC would not issue the permit, even though a half-dozen federal, state and local agencies had already done so and MSI made numerous accommodations based on BCDC’s requests. The BCDC delay jeopardized a $50,000 grant MSI had secured for the restoration project in early 2013. Through the work of MSI’s team and with our support, the red tape and obstruction that held up the permit approval have finally been overcome. We are hopeful that in spite of repeated delays the grant money will still be available to MSI.  

MSI educates more than 55,000 children annually about the ecology and vibrant aquatic life of San Francisco Bay. Our Alliance is delighted that these children will soon be better able to continue learning about the Bay from the restored beach once it is restored.

The restoration project is expected to take just one or two days and is scheduled for Monday, March 25th. The vendors have generously agreed to do the work for the price they quoted 6 years ago to help the children and MSI! We want to especially thank Peter Bohley of Bohley Consulting who helped satisfy requests made by BCDC.

ED: We will update this post with pictures of the restored beach when it is completed.

While we realize there is a much greater issue regarding needed reform of the BCDC, as an Alliance, we welcomed the opportunity to support the children and MSI’s mission and are pleased this has come to a positive resolution.

We also realize there are potentially many other groups and individuals impacted by disputes with the BCDC. To them, we say we are here for you, to support you as you navigate this difficult agency that lacks transparency and is in need of urgent and immediate reform.

If you are interested in joining our fight, here’s how you can help.

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