Update from The Alliance

11 1 19 Update (PDF)

BCDC Update

  • BCDC continues to operate as before; delay & focus on $$$, not enhancing the environment
    • No action on citizens advisory panel as required by law
    • Still raiding Bay Mitigation and other funds
    • Unjustified delays in permitting and dredging
  • Voted (21 to 0) to double permit fees & include entire project costs in calculations
    Bay Planning Coalition, Silicon Valley Leadership Group & Other’s Objection Letter
  • Leadership & Governance continue to be the biggest issues
    • No changes in permitting process; No performance reviews
    • New “Social Justice” amendment may cause major issues without guidelines
  • Enforcement Committee continues to meet twice monthly with no results
    • Concern audit recommendations being misapplied to generate $$$
    • Deferring on Richardson Bay issues – no meaningful engagements

Legislative Initiatives

What is the current thinking?

  • How can we Help
  •  Priorities: Climate, Housing & Transportation, Economy? Ideas:
  • Refocus on promoting and assisting responsible planning and regulation
    • Move away from excessive regulation and overzealous enforcement

Reform the permitting process first, then enforcement

  • Become a resource for promoting balanced, responsible development
  • Support priority developments by cooperating early in the permitting processes
  • Educate and coordinate stakeholders among the over-lapping local state and federal agencies and regulations to accelerate priorities
  • Act to protect the environment IF other agencies are not doing so
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