BCDC loses in court: again!

In the meantime, another one in the loss column for BCDC in court. They lost their suit against the Army Corps of Engineers:

As reported in the Courthouse News Service, BCDC failed to get the courts to force The Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the Pinole Shoal and Outer Richmond Harbor channels. The ACE decided to save the tax payer some money by reducing the dredging frequency and by choosing a simpler, cheaper, dredging method.

In a judgement loaded with irony, the court accused BCDC of “speculation” reinforcing the now commonly held belief that BCDC do ot know what they are doing.

Read the full article here.

The court has indicated that summary judgement in favor of ACE will be delivered costing the tax payers more money that could be spent on conservation rather than wasted on attorneys and payouts to defendants.

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