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Alliance fights to restore your access to the Bay

San Francisco Bay Stewardship Alliance (BSA) Urges Immediate Reform at
Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)

San Francisco, CA October 17, 2018 – The founders of the San Francisco Bay Stewardship Alliance (The Alliance)have joined together in an effort to return BCDC to its original charter of promoting responsible development of the Bay shoreline for the enjoyment of all.

The Alliance is a staunch supporter of environmental stewardship but it is standing up to BCDC for its unwarranted attacks on responsible businesses who are trying to improve access to the Bay for local citizens.

“The BCDC has lost sight of its core values, becoming a prime example of government run amok and forcing business owners to struggle to stay afloat,” said Bob Wilson, co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Stewardship Alliance.

“Our own research of other BCDC cases showed a pattern which raised concerns about how enforcement matters have been handled,” Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Mullin (D-South San Francisco) told the Fairfield Daily Republic. “[The lawsuit] added an air of validation to what we were seeing overall.”

The Alliance has filed a lawsuit against the BCDC due to the agency’s lack of transparency and repeated attempts to thwart the Alliance’s efforts to obtain public records, including details on how the BCDC spends the fines it collects.

BCDC currently spends less than 12 cents out every dollar from its $8 million budget on improving the Bay. Almost half (45%) goes toward staff salaries and commissioner’s expenses, while most of the rest goes to attorney’s fees.

“It’s our belief that the BCDC’s enforcement efforts are only to grow their own bureaucracy, rather than ensuring the Bay is protected and enjoyed responsibly,” Wilson added.

The Alliance seeks an immediate suspension of enforcement actions by the BCDC as the state audit continues and is pushing the BCDC for a return to fulfilling its original mandates.

About San Francisco Bay Stewardship Alliance

The San Francisco Bay Stewardship Alliance are local citizens and employers who care about our Bay. We promote informed conservation and responsible development of the San Francisco Bay shoreline to benefit the community at large so that it can be enjoyed now, and in the future.

The Alliance formed in 2018 to mount a significant legal and legislative challenge against the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), currently the subject of a state legislative audit, for going beyond the scope of its mandate.

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